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  • VK V7- AG Flight Controller with LED & GPS for Agriculture Spraying Drone
  • VK V7- AG Flight Controller with LED & GPS for Agriculture Spraying Drone

VK V7 AG Flight Controller with LED & GPS for Agriculture Spraying Drone

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VK V7-AG Flight Controller with LED & GPS for DIY Agricultural Plant Protection Spraying UAV Drone

Main Features

(1)12v--55v wide voltage input, and the power interface has its own
voltage detection function, supporting Grignard/Fangfang/R&F smart

(2)Support 11 planting protection models such as sprayer/mist-reducing
machine/hybrid electric/dual water pump/centrifugal
nozzle/planter/powder sprayer

(3)Multiple modules such as ground simulation radar/obstacle avoidance
radar/single-antenna RTK/dual-antenna direction-finding RTK, etc. can be
expanded, with front and rear obstacle bypass functions;

(4) It can be connected to the Qianxun network or self-built mobile base station to achieve RTK high-precision positioning;

(5) With AB point/automatic route mode to manually adjust the altitude, heading, and manual obstacle avoidance functions;

(6) Intelligent planning of irregular plots can be realized, plot obstacles and calibration points can be marked;

(7) Possesses multiple plot mapping modes such as mobile phone/remote control/aircraft/RTK base station/manual planning;

(8) APP communicates with the background in real time to ensure that the flight data of each sortie can be traced;

(9) Support operations in environments without mobile signals;

(10) APP integrates debugging, monitoring, management, statistics, and playback in one, bringing unlimited convenience to users.



Technical parameters


Hardware specifications

Main control size: 113*53*26mm

GPS size: 64mm (diameter) *14mm

LED size: 24*22*7mm

Main control weight: 156g

GPS weight: 60g

LED weight: 15g


Basic parameters

Support models: Four-axis (+ type, X type);

(I-type, V-type, Y-type coaxial double-propeller, reverse Y-type
coaxial double-propeller, special-shaped four-axis six-propeller,
six-axis V-type extended version)

Eight shafts (I type, V type, X type coaxial double propellers, special-shaped six axis eight propellers)

Input voltage: 3S-12S (12V-52V)

Flight mode: attitude mode, GPS mode, AB modeP

WM interface: 8 conventional, can be expanded to 16

S.BUS output: support

Support expansion equipment: differential RTK series

Operating system: remote control, mobile APP


Flight characteristics

Maximum wind resistance level: ≤6

Maximum lifting speed: up 5m/s ,down 3m/s

Maximum horizontal speed: 18m/s

Maximum tilt angle: 35°

Maximum rudder angular velocity: 135°

Correction accuracy of side off set: ≤50cm

Working environment: -20°c~60°c

Maximum number of waypoints: 2000+

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